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Here you can find a hand-picked list of self-help books that Elizabeth highly recommends you check out

1. 36 Strategies of Suitability

by Joseph R. Haytas

The book proposes 36 Strategies that should be contemplated and applied by the individual preparing for a parole consideration hearing. 36 Strategies of Suitability contains an abundance of insights and wisdom gleaned by the author from nearly 10-years in the hearing room. It is a book as much about how to prepare and present during a hearing as it is about becoming a better person. Thus, to achieve this when planning for a hearing consider exploring a variety of strategies from developing a mindset of “Thinking Free” [Strategy 1]; to the significance of planning a personal “Comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan” [Strategy 31]; to formulating a realistic parole plans in order to “Get out and Stay Out” [Strategy 36]. This book is offered with positive intent for all who seek a brighter future.
2. 36 Estrategias de Idoneidad
by Joseph R. Haytas
3. Houses of Healing
by Robin Casarjian
4. The Road to Freedom
by Ph.D. Jill S. Levenson, Ph.D. & John W. Morin

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